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Abe- Dream of the Cherry Blossoms

Bach- “Prelude” from Cello Suite No. 5

Bach- “Presto” from Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor
Burritt- Shadow Chasers (soloist plus 4 percussionists)
Cheung- Etude in E Minor
Ford- The Green Road
Ford- stealing a moment…

Houllif- Estudio No. 4 para Marimba

Glass- “Opening” from Glassworks

Miki- Marimba Spiritual (soloist plus 3 percussionists)

Mitchell- Conveyor Belt (duet with drum set)

Musser- Etude in C Major, Op.6, No. 10

Oetomo- Over the Rainbow

Steinsgaard- Spanish Dance

Stout- Astral Dance

Stout- Four Episodes

Stout- Reverie

Stout- Rumble Strips

Stout- Two Mexican Dances

Tanaka- “First Movement” from Two Pieces for Marimba

Thomas- Merlin



Cole- new year’s day

Lipner- Crystal Mallet

Lipner- Kaleidoscope

Rachmaninoff, arr. Mitchell- “Variation XVIII” from Rhapsody on a Theme by                  Paganini (soloist plus 3 percussionists)

Rosauro- Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra

Rosauro- Bem Vindo

Schubert, arr. Lipner- Ave Maria

Taylor- Rhapsody for Vibes and Marimba (duo)

Wahlund- Hard-Boiled Capitalism and the Day Mr. Friedman Noticed Google is a          Verb

Zivković- Suomineito


Green- Log Cabin Blues



Dietz- FireWire

Hollinden- Six Ideas for Snare, Bass & Cymbal

Hamilton- Edge (Corrugated Box) for Multi-Percussion and Tape

Kotche- Monkey Chant

Kraft- French Suite for Percussion Solo

Maric- Thrice into Flames (world premiere)

Maric- Trilogy

Maric- Sense & Innocence

Sanderbeck- Homage to Max

Xenakis- Rebonds “a” and “b”



Cirone- Portraits in Rhythm: Etude Nos. 1-16, and 20-23

Delecluse- Methode de Caisse-Claire: Etude Nos. 1-12

Delecluse- Douze Etudes: Etude Nos. 1, 2, 4, and 9
Mitchell- “My Friend Norman” (Pratt) arranged for snare, bass and hi-hat.

Peters- Advanced Snare Drum Studies: Etude Nos. 1-7

Pratt- “Drum Corps on Parade,” “The Pine Cone Forest,” and “My Friend Norman,”          from 14 Modern Contest Solos

Reeves- War Drum, Peace Drum (snare drum and audio track)

Trevino- Spur (snare drum and audio track)



Bergamo- Four Pieces for Timpani

Cahn- Raga No. 1

Cambell- Tangents

Carter- “Canaries” from Eight Pieces for Four Timpani

Deane- Prelude No. 3 for Timpani

Maric- Trophic Cascades


World Percussion: 

Extensive experience with djembe, congas, bongos, frame drums, dun duns,                  doumbek, and tama.

World percussion solos include:

Mitchell- Similar Tones from Different Homes (multiple world percussion)
Robinson- Handful (bendir)
Williams- Four Pieces for Frame Drum (frame drum)

Williams- Another New Riq (riq)

Williams- Rhythmic Jouney (frame drum)


(coming soon)



(coming soon)

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