Below are some samples of compositions/arrangements by David Mitchell. See contact info to check commission availability.




Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini , “Var. XVIII”

Arrangement of the classic Rachmaninoff variation for vibraphone and three marimbas.
















5 Preludes for Percussion Quartet

This collection of short pieces is written in varying styles. Any number of these may be performed to create various moods during a concert. Slower preludes should not be performed consecutively.















A large percussion ensemble (11-13 players) arrangement of a piece by the multicultural band Bustan Abraham. 












Conveyor Belt

Duet for marimba and drum set was inspired by the repetitive chromatic music  often heard during Looney Tunes factory scenes





Morning Dance

A large percussion ensemble (10 players) arrangement of the piece by Spyro Gyra. This arrangement was made as a tribute to Dave Samuels and includes a complete transcription of his solo.











The title, Apotheosis, refers to the development toward the climax near the end of the piece. In Greek mythology, the term “Apotheosis” is used describe the ascent to divine status.

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